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No one help you, want to stand up straight on!
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2018-10-29

The world of adults which have easy word.No prominent family background, are on their own struggle alone;Without noble affirmative help on our own efforts to fight for;Meet difficulties when no one was helping himself to stand up straight!

If you choose to give up, don't complain.Because the world is balance!Everyone must through their own efforts, to determine the appearance of life.

Life is walking to open, now of you, there's no need to worry.

Told to the future, this should belong to your tree long again, those flowers open again, waiting for you to meet, is their most beautiful time.No matter how cry, last night, after wake up in the morning still traffic in the city.

Life is like a wan, more wind and rain on the journey of life. Some things can only myself to face, not all of the injustice can tell, not all the difficulties can help.Many times we can rely on, only yourself!

You are not strong, no one for you brave!

Happy or unhappy, cities have no time, etc., you can only be remembered or forgotten, that stop you love or hate the journey, the time of you desperately hard but feel hope.

These in the near future will pass away.

What years static good, everybody is a rebirth.Way to go step by step, to a bite to eat, never shortcuts in life, only to see the rainbow.

Always remember a word: no one helps you, stand up straight, the road is long, back to the United States!

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