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How to identify genuine leather and fake leather shoe leather?
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2018-10-31

Fake leather shoes is now doing more and more "real", false really don't really also false, that it has long been summed up a series of how to identify genuine leather shoes, method for identifying cortex of true and false, you just have to do, so you play big reduced the risk of buy a fake shoes oh ~ ~

True leather shoes, leather characteristics:

(1) the pigskin leather, pig leather grain round, bulky pore, crosswise into leather, pore is arranged on the surface of the grain is a set of three root, constitute a triangle pattern, grain uneven, with special pattern.Pig leather has excellent wear resistance.
(2) the cow hide leather shoes: cow leather grain surface pore assumes the circular, and seriously into leather and pore tightly and evenly distributed on the leather, leathery, grain is relatively smooth, delicate.
(3) water cowhide leather shoes: buffalo leather grain round and bulky pore, and a straight into leather and pore number a few cattle leather, relatively evenly distributed on the leather, grain surface uneven, coarser.Wear resistance is poorer, but the tensile strength is higher, so suitable for mechanical belting leather leather.
(4) the horse leather shoes: grain oval pore, hole is bigger than a cow fur, a tilted into leather and pores are regularly arranged, a mountain range, leathery loose, not cattle leather fullness.
(5) the sheepskin leather: the grain pore flat surface, the crosswise into leather and a couple of a group of pore, arranged like scales or sawtooth shape, sheep leather surface is smooth, the pores of goat leather than sheep leather is clear, leathery elastic.

Fake leather shoe leather characteristics:

(1) fake leather: refers to the artificial leather and synthetic leather, its characteristics of no pores."Imitation sheepskin leather" no matter how like imitation, careful observation also can see traces of mould plastic pressure after.
(2) the bouquet: fake leather smell of plastic sheeting, burning without hair coke smell.

(3) identification;After get shoes, press with finger near the upper edge part of the sole, if it is leather, will appear tiny wrinkles.Fingers open, wrinkles will disappear naturally.And the synthetic leather is not appear this kind of phenomenon.

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