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Never imagined!This is a made from cork material into a mobile phone.
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2018-11-02

According to England "daily mail" reported, the Portuguese a tech company launched a android smartphones Ikimobile only, the mobile phone shell by the Iberian origin of renewable natural cork material.The material has antimicrobial properties, can be preventedElectromagnetic radiation.In addition, but also has the role of heat insulation, sound insulation and shock.Cork color from dark to light brown, to choose from.

The Ikimobile phone will be launched this year, was among the first to use plastic, metal and glass materials outside of one of the mobile phone, has a boost to the country's science and technology industry.

Portugal is one of the world's largest producer of cork, this kind of mobile phone production also marked the wine cork product diversification.At the same time, make the Portuguese cork exports back to peak 15 years ago.Due to the need to use only natural resin agglomerate materials for many years of research and testing can be used in mobile phones, Tito Ikimobile chief executive, fernando henrique Cardoso (Tito Cardoso), said the company is working with the north at the university of minho in Portugal, common research and development technology, make the phone more environmentally friendly.He hopes to promote "made in Portugal", let the Portuguese onto the road of future technology.

It is understood that the company can produce 1.2 million units a year, and last year's global smartphone market, compared to nearly 1.5 billion units shipped is but a drop in the bucket.Cardoso said, most mobile phones are manufactured in Asia, but local production is helpful to use cork and "made in Portugal" brand to attract consumers in Europe, Angola, Brazil, and Canada.

In 2017, the company assembled in China to 400000 mobile phones including simple function machine.Among them, top cork model price 160-160 euro (about RMB 1235-2779) accounted for 40% of sales.At the same time, the company hopes to production this year will more than this number

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