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What are the molding made of cork material?
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2019-01-25

There are many applications in life to cork place, then you know how these are made?
1. natural cork:
After cooking, softening, drying, cutting, punching, cutting and other methods such as the finished plug, pad, and other crafts.

2. baking cork
The leftover material of natural cork by crushing and compression molding, drying at 260 ~ 316 DEG C bake 1 ~ 1.5 hours after the release of cold for low temperature heat insulation cork brick. Can also be used superheated steam heating method for manufacturing.

3. cork rubber products
To cork powder as raw material, made of rubber dosage is about 70%. The cork has elastic compressibility and rubber. Mainly used for engine and other quality of low and medium pressure static sealing materials, can also be used as seismic, sound insulation, friction materials etc..

4. cementation cork
Cork and fine powder, adhesive (such as resin, rubber) after mixing pressure into the cementation cork, such as flooring, insulation board, insulation board, widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery, construction and other aspects.
Cork shoes

 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat 

 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat

Cork bag

 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat 

 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat

Cork furniture
 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat


 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat 

 Cork cork shoes, bags, cork mat 

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