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Cork is colorful, life is more flavorful
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2020-10-13

Cork is colorful, life is more flavorful

With the development of science and technology, people seem to have gradually moved away from the nature that was originally intimate with people. When images of nature appear in front of you piece by piece, will it make you feel that the breath of nature accompanies you?

Cork texture is rich in changes, and it is a natural cork product. The cork decoration that is different from the past brings you into the artistic conception of nature, makes a comfortable life with the language of nature, and brings a comfortable and warm feeling.

Lidingfa cork washable cork fabric is not only very soft and light, but also easy to clean, not affected by sunlight, low maintenance cost, and is an excellent raw material for shoe materials.

However, cork leather is similar to fine leather and is easily scratched, so we should treat it like fine leather. Natural color blocks of different shades are randomly combined together, calm but not dull, suitable for modern minimalist style decoration.

Lidingfa Cork Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and has developed into a diversified business enterprise integrating processing, production and sales. The company specializes in natural cork shoe materials, using natural oak (bark) from coastal countries such as Portugal as raw materials. Without destroying the environmental protection of the bark itself, it produces shoes, handbags, stationery and other good products that cater to the world.

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