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The curved cork and rubber arch sole was born
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2020-10-19

The curved cork and rubber arch sole was born

In 1896, Konrad Birkenstock in the Birkenstock family officially laid a prototype for Birkenstock: a bendable cork with a rubber arch sole was born.


In 1963, another member of the Birkenstock family, Karl Birkenstock, designed the first Birkenstock slippers, which have been sold under the name Madrid. Later, the brand continued to develop a number of styles such as Arizona and Gizeh.

Not long ago, this famous brand of slippers also appeared on the Paris Men's Wear Week, blooming its own beauty in the famous Tuileries Gardens (Tuileries Garden).

Even Mel Ottenberg, the stylist of Rihanna, was hired to design the clothes, and 115 pairs of Birkenstocks of different styles were matched with different shapes.


The most special thing about Birkenstocks is that their soles are made of cork left over after making wine corks. The grade of this kind of cork itself is very demanding, so the quality must be top.

And it is also mixed with natural latex and jointly pressed into a comfortable and lightweight cork shoe body. The design is very ergonomic and can ensure the protection of people when walking and standing.

The current brand owner Olivier Reichert said: "We have been in the fashion industry for many years. You can ask any great photographer and stylist, they will wear Birkenstock."

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