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The unique characteristics of cork, it is used in many aspects of manufacturing
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2020-10-27

The unique characteristics of cork, it is used in many aspects of manufacturing

No matter what kind of cork products, such as natural cork, synthetic cork, granular cork or rubber cork, etc., the characteristics of cork cannot be replaced by any other substances, making it better than many synthetic materials, and thus it is widely used in many aspects. Applications.

   Lidingfa cork can be made into various cork products according to cork specifications and technical requirements. Some aspects of cork may be invisible to the naked eye. Cork is a magical decorative material that can be used in almost all industries.

    Specific characteristics are shown in: airtightness, insulation, shock resistance, weight reduction, sound insulation, cushion, floatability, energy saving, good bearing performance, and can be polished.

    Because of the unique characteristics of cork and its excellence in its application, many engineers, architects, scientists, interior designers, home furnishing manufacturers, sports equipment and many leisure products choose cork as the material.

Lidingfa Cork Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and has developed into a diversified business enterprise integrating processing, production and sales. The company specializes in natural cork shoe materials, using natural oak (bark) from coastal countries such as Portugal as raw materials. Without destroying the environmental protection of the bark itself, it produces shoes, handbags, stationery and other excellent products that cater to the world.

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