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Cork flooring, environmentally friendly and durable, is it so advanced?
From: LDFCORK.Co.ltd Post date: 2020-11-05

Cork is the outer skin of the oak tree. People peel off the outer skin of the oak tree and retain the wood fiber inner skin. Not only will it not kill the oak tree, but it will also promote the metabolism. After a few years, it can continue to be peeled, so the cork is a long-term recycling. Of renewable resources. What are the advantages of cork flooring?

1. Moisture-proof

Common wood floors are most worried about being damp and moldy, but the water absorption rate of cork is almost 0. Wine bottle corks are the best proof, so it is not a problem to use cork in bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Noise reduction

Cork floors and wall panels are widely used in theaters, recording studios, piano rooms, etc., because of the unique cell structure of cork, which can filter and absorb noise, just like a sound absorber.

3. Environmental protection and safety

Cork is a pure natural material, the ingredients are safe and do not harm the human body, and it can be biodegraded and recycled, so it is very environmentally friendly and safe.

4. Comfortable foot

Cork is elastic and has a very good compression resistance. Even if you fall down, you will not feel too much pain. It is very suitable for the elderly and children's rooms.

5. Wear-resistant and non-slip

Although it is called "cork", because of its cell structure, it is more wear-resistant and practical than solid wood flooring. It does not need to be handled with care. The anti-slip and heat conduction effect is also very good. It is suitable for families who need to install floor heating. But nothing!

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